Remote Solutions Architect

Sleepless Nights

What I Can DO


I believe in First Principle Learning. Anything that i learn i always make sure i understand the fundamentals well. I spend all my free time learning new things. experimenting with different tools and technologies 

[With first principles] you boil things down to the most fundamental truths…and then reason up from there.”

― Elon Musk

Develop Solutions

Every challenge presents an opportunity for a solution. We have the choice to tackle it through sheer effort or with a strategic approach. In today’s service industry, the client experience can often be less than ideal. Clients often seek rapid market entry, and at times, they may not even be certain of their precise needs. What is required is an empathetic approach towards our clients. If it entails guiding and supporting them, we embrace that role. When our clients succeed in their endeavors, we too achieve our objectives. This embodies our service ethos at its finest.

Develop Prototypes And MVP

Many clients remain unaware of the capabilities offered by modern-day prototyping, AI-based low-code builders, and internal tool builders. It’s surprising to note that these tools are extensively utilized by leading multinational corporations and their internal teams. Whether it’s for the launch of their latest products or for creating internal tools to streamline project and team management, the focus is always on delivering a fast user experience and iterating from there. These modern builder tools empower agile teams to operate at peak efficiency, akin to running on steroids

Under the Hood

How I Does It

No Code / Low Code / Code

Many individuals are unaware of the imminent rise of AI and no-code/low-code builders. Ultimately, no-code/low-code tools are poised to emerge as the victors in this transformation. Over the next decade, a significant portion, if not the entirety, of consumer-facing applications will be constructed using no-code solutions. The advantages of no-code/low-code tools are compelling, including reduced training time, cost-effectiveness, ease of recruitment, and a tenfold boost in developer productivity.

Automation Tools

Automation tools play a pivotal role in the no-code/low-code development paradigm. One such example is IFTTT, which stands for ‘If This Then That.’ IFTTT comprises a suite of tools designed to seamlessly connect business logic with third-party or custom applications and APIs. These tools enable us to maintain our focus on the core business processes, rather than getting bogged down in complex and resource-intensive development solutions.

AI tools

A significant portion of my research efforts is devoted to the field of artificial intelligence (AI). I avidly follow a curated list of AI innovators on Twitter, as it has become the primary source for the latest developments in AI. The pace of progress in the AI domain is nothing short of remarkable, with one week in the AI world equivalent to a decade of advancement when compared to past revolutions like the dot-com era or the Industrial Revolution.

AI is advancing rapidly, ushering in innovations such as self-driving cars, robotic companions, human-AI neural interfaces, and open-source models like GPTs, GANs, and diffusion models. These developments are not only reshaping industries but also creating new job opportunities. My intention is to be part of the latter group, actively contributing to this dynamic and transformative field.

The Hustle


Requirements Gathering

My project initiation process begins with a thorough information-gathering phase from the client. In some instances, clients may not have a clear vision of their needs, prompting me to empathetically step into their perspective. My aim is to comprehend the challenges they encounter and the precise solutions they envision for achieving success in their business. Ultimately, I firmly believe that when clients succeed, it translates into a victory for me as well


I strive to craft proposals that are both user-friendly and straightforward, enriched with ample data samples, screenshots, and, when feasible, instructional videos. These elements collectively offer clients a comprehensive understanding of the deliverables I can provide.

Delivery and Reports

I firmly uphold the values of timely delivery and transparent reporting. Thorough requirements gathering serves as a key driver for project success and on-schedule completion. Comprehensive reports not only aid in monitoring my progress but also benefit both me and the client. Additionally, they contribute to enhanced efficiency in the client’s marketing and sales processes.

Pricing Plan


No code / Low Code
  • User Experience Design
  • Rapid Solutions
  • Ios / Android / Web
  • Live Previews
  • On call Support
$25 /Hour

UI / UX Prototyping

Nocode / Low Code
  • User Experience Design
  • Pseudo Apps
  • Ios / Android / Web
  • Live Previews
  • On call Support
$15 /Hour